Tree of archeaplastida TAP proteins for family: NAC

Method used for alignment generation: Muscle with 2 iterations, without trimming
The alignment can be downloaded here
All alignments were modified by two TrimAl iterations if not stated otherwise. First, the option "-automated1" was used and afterwards, the sequences in the alignment were filtered using "-resoverlap 0.75 -seqoverlap 50". Phylogenetic trees were inferred using quicktree_sd with 100 bootstraps.
A list of species letter codes included in the protein names can be found here (opens in new tab).
Some species like Boechera stricta and Marchantia polymorpha (genome) were not included into the tree inference because they were not published at the time the calculations were performed.

Please note: Since the tree for NAC is too big for displaying it easily with Archaeopteryx.js, only a picture of the tree is shown below.
But you can download a PhyloXML formated tree from here and visualize it with your prefered program.

Click >>here<< to display the image (filesize: 30.6 MB).